If I put in a claim for my cracked windshield, will my insurance rates go up?

Cracked windshields fall under your automobile’s comprehensive coverage. Most likely, a comprehensive claim will have no effect on your rates, but it is a good idea to call your insurance company and verify with them what their policy is. If your rates are affected, it would only be to a small degree, since a very small portion of your insurance bill is for comprehensive loss coverage.
The easiest way to file a claim is to call us and let us know about your vehicle’s glass breakage. We will provide a free claim consultation and let you know the easiest way to file a claim. In most cases, we will work directly with your insurance company to process billing, so once your repair is completed, you will be ready to drive with safe, new auto glass.
Remember to check with your insurance company so that you know your auto glass coverage. Insurance coverage for glass protects you against chips due to rocks thrown by other vehicles, against vandalism, and more. If you don’t have coverage today, you may want to add this in the future. 

Got Chips? Windshield Repair May Be An Option

Rock chips are a common nuisance that you should address immediately, as they can save you from a complete windshield replacement at a later date. Rock chips generally happen when a vehicle ahead of you drives over gravel or debris that is picked up by the tread in their tire and then flung back at your vehicle, striking your window with enough force to break the glass.
A rock chip may not bother you at first, because it is small and does not obstruct your vision. But if you leave these chips alone, they can spread, especially when there is a large difference in the temperature outside your car or truck and the inside, such as when driving during cold weather. Chips can also spread when driving over rough surfaces such as potholes or railroad tracks, since a sudden shock will cause the glass to flex at the chip, its weakest point.
While it is possible to find “rock chip repair kits” in automotive parts stores, completing a successful repair actually takes quite a bit of skill, and most people do not have much experience (or none) at filling rock chips. An unsuccessful repair will cost you time and expense, and may offer no additional protection against the chip spreading.
The best time to bring your vehicle to Auto Glass Specialties for chip repair is as soon as you notice it. The longer you wait, the harder it becomes to avoid a total windshield replacement.
Reasons for getting rock chips repaired:
  • Stop windshield damage from spreading;
  • Restore structural integrity to damaged glass;
  • Improve windshield clarity by 80% or more in damaged area;
  • Environmentally friendly — extends the useful life of the glass;
  • Save money over windshield replacement;
  • Rock chip repair will pass motor vehicle safety inspection.